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I’m currently hosting the TurboPack components under GitHub but which not surprisingly supports Git. But normally I’m working with HG because of the great TortoiseHG tool.

With the the help of the HGGit extension I can use TortoiseHG with Git bit it doesn’t work smoothly. That’s why I’m considering to move all libraries to Bitbucket and HG.

Does anyone have any objections or reasons why I shouldn’t do so?

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7 Responses to GitHub or Bitbucket

  1. Stefan Glienke says:

    The only benefit of Bitbucket that I find lately is that it supports private repos for up to 5 users in their free plan while you have to pay for that on Github. Apart from that I have the feeling that Atlassian does not care much anymore about Bitbucket and there are so many feature requests to improve it they don’t do anything about.

    So if I were not on Bitbucket already if today I had to decide which one to take it would clearly be Github.

    As for HG or Git – that’s almost religion. I was an HG fanboy when I started with DVCS but since the decision in the company I work for was for Git I am used to it by now and I am not missing anything given you are using a proper Git UI client (Sourcetree in my case).

  2. Eric says:

    What about just using TortoiseGit?

  3. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Traction! Github is immensely popular. I use Bitbucket for my personal private projects, but Github has more collaboration tools.

    I used to be a rabid HG user (and I still miss some TortoiseHG features) but it’s just really easier to buckle up and switch to Git.

  4. Kyle Miller says:

    SmartGit, works with Git, Hg and SVN. Supports Bitbucket and Github. Cross platform.

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