RAD Studio 10 Seattle and TurboPack

Maybe most of you already heard the latest news, today RAD Studio 10 Seattle shipped. With the release of the version of RAD Studio I updated the TurboPack libraries. You can download the TurboPack libraries manually from the TurboPack website or you can use the GetIt tool from RAD Studio.

For RAD Studio 10 I updated the suffix of the packages from ‘220’ to ‘230’. The ‘220’ versions for RAD Studio XE are still available under GitHub.

I also added two further libraries to TurboPack, the PNG components and the DOS command component.

With this new components the current libraries are:

  1. Abbrevia
  2. AsyncPro
  3. DOS command
  4. Essentials
  5. LockBox
  6. LockBox 3
  7. OnGuard FMX
  8. OnGuard VCL
  9. Orpheus
  10. PNG components
  11. PowerPDF
  12. SynEdit
  13. SysTools
  14. VirtualTreeView
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39 Responses to RAD Studio 10 Seattle and TurboPack

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Roman,

    Thanks for the Seattle update.

    I am using TPLockBox 2 and have updated to Seattle to get iOS 9 support.

    I have downloaded this via getit and all seems to work fine until I compile for iOS 64 bit, where I get the following error

    [DCC Error] LbClass.pas(233): E2137 Method ‘Read’ not found in base class”

    I can compile for every other platform no problem (win 32/64; Android; Mac OS and iOS Simulator and iOS 32 device).  Just not iOS 64 device.

    All was working with XE8 and TPLockBox (until iOS 9 came along).

    Are you able to assist.





  2. Peter says:

    Hi Roman,

    Updating from github fixed the problem, so it looks like the GetIt version is not up to date as you suggested.

    Thanks for your assistance,




  3. Marko says:


    I see that VirtualShellTools is available, but why remove ImageEn support from that library? For my projects I use VirtualShelltools with ImageEn to load thumbnails and it works okay.

  4. Eric ten Westenend says:



    Just installed SysTools, is there nog help file anywhere ?



  5. Flo says:

    I’ve just installed C++ Builder 10 Seattle Professional but there’s no VirtualTreeView package selectable in the GetIt package manager, like it was in my CBuilder XE8 Trial. Why is this important component missing?

    A manual package installation is also not working for me. Among the C ++ and Delphi compiler options the BPI / LIB output directories  are empty by default but these files are needed for the installation. Even after a successful compilation and installation the VirtualStringTree generates access violations.

    • roman says:

      This must be a bug in the GetIt package manager. The VirtualTree seems only to be available for Delphi, although it supports Delphi and C++Builder.

      I just tried it and could install the VirtualTree into the IDE. Did you use the TurboPack version or the JAM version?

      I’m asking because I just got an issue that the JAM version throws an AV. That’s why added an explicit CBuilder 10 package to it. Now both versions should work.

      • Flo says:

        Thanks for your answer.
        Maybe Embarcadero should be informed about this, as it is pretty annoying.

        I am using the latest TurboPack Verion (Sep 28th) with the following manual steps:
        – Extracting the folder “VirtualTreeView-master” from ZIP to “C:\Users\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\17.0\CatalogRepository”
        – In the IDE adding the entries:
        – “$(BDSCatalogRepository)\VirtualTreeView-master\Source” to “Options/Delphi-Options/Selected platform: 32-Bit-Windows/Library Path”
        – “$(BDSCatalogRepository)\VirtualTreeView-master\Source\hpp\Win32\Debug\” and
        “$(BDSCatalogRepository)\VirtualTreeView-master\Source\hpp\Win32\Release\” to “Options/C++-Options/Selected platform: 32-Bit-Windows/Classic Compiler/Library path”
        – Opening “C:\Users\\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\17.0\CatalogRepository\VirtualTreeView-master\Packages\CBuilder\CBuilder.groupproj”
        – Compiling “VirtualTreesCR230.bpl”
        – Compiling “VirtualTreesCD230.bpl”
        – Installing “VirtualTreesCD230.bpl”

        In this order all steps are working properly and the components are getting installed.
        But now trying to drag a TVirtualStringTree for example results in an “Access Violation at Address 1FAE8178 in module VirtualTreesCR230.bpl Writing to address 00000011”
        The second time i drag this it seems to work in the Designer but when I try to run, there’s ilink32-error “VIRTUALTREESDR.LIB cannot be opened”.

        • roman says:

          I can reproduce the issue. There seems to be a problem with the C++Builder linker so that the initialization part of the units is not called. I already sent an email to EMBT. I will be back as soon as possible.

  6. Thomas says:

    Hi Roman

    We have added runtime theme support to TovcCalcaulator. Can we send you the new OvcCalc.pas?

    Best regards


  7. Thomas says:

    I could not reply to your post, so I start a new one. You can just remove this post in moderation. Here you can download modified ovccalc.pas:



  8. Daniel Winsor says:

    I downloaded the Async package but the AdTerminal seems to show garbage.

    It seems to be the terminal and not the port as I have used the port only in the past.

    Would you know why this happens?   I also tried the one from GetIt.

    The terminal looks like this.  Even in design mode.




    Thanks soooo much for any help.

  9. Terry says:

    In TRDL.InitEncryptRDL


    Nk := KeySize div 4;       { # key columns }
    if (Nk > RDLNk256) then
    Nk := RDLNk256
    else if (Nk < RDLNk128) then
    Nk := RDLNk128;
    Context.Rounds := 6 + Nk;

    { expand key into round keys }
    for i := Nk to (4 * (Context.Rounds + 1)) do begin


    this code could make TRDLContext , array index out of bound.


    TRDLContext = packed record
    Encrypt : Boolean;
    Dummy   : array[0..2] of Byte; {filler}
    Rounds  : DWord;
    case Byte of
    0 : (W  : array[0..(MaxRDLRounds * 4)] of TRDLVector);
    1 : (Rk : array[0..MaxRDLRounds] of TRDLBlock);


    W only 14*4=56, but AES 256 key size is 32, 32 div 4 = 8, and 8 + 16 =14.

    but the for loop max 15*4 = 60.

    so, for easy way, just increase size of W for fixing this problem.


  10. Anis Ghabri says:


    I’m a Freepascal/Lazarus developper.

    I’m starting using Rad Studio Seattle 10.
    S0 I need to add TPAbbrebvia
    Would you explain further this step what are the commands to execute

    4. Open & install the designtime package specific to the IDE being
    used. The IDE should notify you the components have been

    Thanks in advance 🙂


  11. Alfian says:


    Why TurboPower FlashFiler Discontinued


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  13. Ignasi says:


    I’m working on a component of my own that inherits from TVirtualStringTree. When building the Runtime Package in 64 bits I get an error:

    [ilink64 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file ‘VIRTUALTREESDR.LIB’

    In 32 bits I had no problem at all to compile the Runtime Package, but with the Design one I get the error:

    Cannot load package ‘VirtualTreesCR230’. It contains unit ‘Virtualtrees.classes’, which is also contained in package ‘VirtualTreesCD230’

    Working with C++ RAD Studio 10, with XE7 it worked fine.

    Thanks in advance.

    • roman says:

      I guess that you are working with the C++Builder, aren’t you?

      Is it possible that you aren’t using the latest versions? I’m asking because of the following lines in the unit virtualtrees.pas:
      {$ifdef BCB}
      {$HPPEMIT ‘#pragma link “VirtualTreesCR.lib”‘}
      {$HPPEMIT ‘#pragma link “VirtualTreesDR.lib”‘}

      This means that the linker should search for VirtualTreesCR.lib, not VirtualTreesDR.lib.

      Please download the latest version from GitHub (https://github.com/TurboPack/VirtualTreeView) and retry to compile and install the C++Builder packages.

  14. Ignasi says:

    Hi Roman,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I’m using C++ Builder 10 Seattle, and obtained VirtualTreeView from GetIt.

    I’ve checked that Virtualtree.pass has the lines:

    {$ifdef BCB}
    {$HPPEMIT ‘#pragma link “VirtualTreesCR.lib”‘}
    {$HPPEMIT ‘#pragma link “VirtualTreesDR.lib”‘}

    So perhaps the problem is due to that ‘BCB’ symbol is not defined?

    Anyway I’ll try as you said and will download latest version from GitHub.

    • roman says:

      You could easily check if the symbol BCB is defined: Simply write some nonsense into the file and try to compile.

      Please also ensure that you compile all VTV packages for all platforms and configurations otherwise the linker will not be able to find the corresponding lib file.

  15. Ignasi says:

    Your’re right. Seems that the problem is due to not all platforms and configuration compiled for VTV.

    But if I try to compile VirtualTreesCR230.bpl (the one from GetIt and also the latest version downloaded from GitHub) in 64 bits I get the link error:

    [ilink64 Error] Error: Delayed load module SHELL32.DLL was not found

    In the cbproj there is only shell32.lib in “contains” properties. I’ve addded also shell32.a (the one I have in C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\17.0\lib\win64\release\psdk), but the link error persists.

    • roman says:

      I just tried it. I activated the win32 platform and added shell32.lib from %DelphiDir%\lib\win32\release\psdk and then compiled for Win32 and Win64 without problems.
      I have no idea why this doesn’t work on your machine.

  16. Antony Danby says:


    I am using OnGuard-VCL and PowerPDF and would like to run and view the demo’s / samples, but there is none in the GetIT packages for Delphi Berlin and when I go to the TurboPack sourceforge page there is none there either.

    Is there anywhere else I can go for demo’s for any of the turbo Pack products but in particular OnGuard and PowerPDF


  17. Antony Danby says:


    That worked fine, thanks
    If you look there seems to be quite a few places you can find all of the TurboPower projects. It can get a bit confusing !




  18. Delutto says:

    Hi Roman.
    Greetings from Brazil!
    First, I like to thank you for your great work.
    So, I’m having a problem with Abbrevia in Delphi Seattle, I’m trying to use the LZMA, but both compression and decompression are not working.

    Here I not get error, but the result file has no data, only the properties:
    5D 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

    Now, the decompression:

    In this case, I get the “LZMA Data Error.”, but I’m 100% sure that is a standard LZMA file.
    I’m doing something wrong?

    • roman says:

      Hi Delutto,

      I’m not an expert in LZMA compression. I would suggest that you should ask Zoe Peterson from Scooter Software.

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