LockBox 3 and 2

I just updated the SourceForge project. Now LockBox 3 supports XE6 for Win32/Win64/iOS/Android and MaxOSX32. LockBox 2 supports XE6 Win32. For the Blowfish encryption there is a LockBox 2 version Win32/Win64/iOS/Android and MaxOSX32.

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12 Responses to LockBox 3 and 2

  1. CCostes says:

    is there a Turbo Power Lockbox version comptatible with C++Builder XE6 (and no Delphi…) ?
    Thanks !

  2. Oliver Holmes says:

    Thanks for the XE6 Upload… unfortunately that broke the XE2 implementation. Starting with incompatible $IFEND (or $ENDIF…whatever) to the changed TStream-Implementation…it is just a pain to correct that. Soooo, I had to take the old version before your changes, which seems to work, but can’t benefit from any other changes that had nothing to do with XE6.

  3. Dan Diongzon says:


    I am using Lockbox for my Delphi XE5 andriod app.  It seems that in andriod assigning a value to the rsa.publickey.modulusasstring is not working properly.  From what I can see when assigning a string to it, it cuts the first character of the string.  I assigned a value of ‘DB301E0C7992E7BCA9D73F7B3981FD91’ but when I do a showMessage(rsa.publickey.modulusasstring) the string becomes ‘B301E0C7992E7BCA9D73F7B3981FD91’.  I tried deploying the same code in win32 and it works as designed.  Do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem?




  4. Dan Diongzon says:


    I found the problem.  It seems that andriod and IOS uses a zero based string.  On the LbUtils HextoBuffer function  for i := 1 to Length(Hex) do is Ok on windows but not on Andriod.  I changed i := 0 to Length(Hex) -1 to confirm my theory.  And it seemed to work.



    • roman says:

      Hi Dan,

      this is correct but I just looked at the current version and it is already foxed. Did you download the version from GitHub?


  5. MarcoR says:

    Hi Roman,
    these library are fine!

    Please, where can I found the documentation relative to LockBox 3?

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Best regards,

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