Abbrevia and XE6

Since some guys asked me to add support for XE6 to Abbrevia I had a look at it. For Delphi XE6 there has already been support, for C++Builder I added it.You can find all necessary files in the SVN repo or you can download then directly from SourceForge.

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2 Responses to Abbrevia and XE6

  1. peter says:

    Roman, it would seem you are the one with the answers for 3rd parties

    I am having an issue with abbrevia..

    downloaded latest 5.2 from sourceforge

    all going c++ xe4 32bit no problems…


    I am currently porting my system to C++ XE6 32+64

    loaded up into c++ xe6  32bit, compiled and all OK

    however attempted to get the c++ xe6  64bit going

    (directed include & lib paths to the …win64 directory)

    and get this error
    [ilink64 Error] Error: Unresolved external ‘_strncmp’ referenced from E:\SOFTWAREBCONVERSION\TOOLS_XE6\ABBREVIA_52\PACKAGES\C++BUILDER XE6\WIN64\DEBUG\ABWAVPACK.O

    plus 3 or 4 other of similar nature  _stricmp, sprintf  etc

    (I guess its to do with c code /64bit lib)

    ….any help/direction appreciated.. been going in circles

    I am assuming the code on getit is for Xe7/8

    & turbopack xe-6  doesn’t appear to be available there



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