VirtualTree and XE6

I added support for Delphi XE6 and CBuilder XE6 to the VirtualTree. You can find the latest version at Google Code or directly at SVN.

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2 Responses to VirtualTree and XE6

  1. Knut Hove says:


    I did just install Delphi XE6 – now anxious to see wether I would be able to use all my Orpheus tables in XE6 I found your blog of 6 h ago with information on VirtualTree.

    My question is whether I can use the instructions I once followed for xe3 to move orpheus forward?

    What will I have to do do in XE6. I now it’s early times, but are there any directions available?

    Knut Hove

    • roman says:

      Hi Knut,

      I have to update Orpheus to XE6. I hope I can do it within the next days.
      You can already get the version directly from SVN, the SourceForge zip archive doesn’t work.



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