Orpheus and C++Builder XE5

I just added support for C++Builder XE5. You can find all necessary files in the SVN repo in the subfolder CB XE5. Since I do not work with C++Builder any experiences are welcome.

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3 Responses to Orpheus and C++Builder XE5

  1. Joao Lourenco says:

    Dear Roman

    It is not possible to install both packages O408_d190.bpl and O408_bd190.bpl.

    When I tried to install O408_d190.bpl after installing O408_bd190.bpl  CB XE5 displayed the following error message: Cannot load package ‘O408_d190.’ It contains unit ‘ Ovcabot0’, which is also contained in package ‘O408_bd190’.

    Best regards,





    • roman says:

      Dear João,

      you are right, I could reproduce the problem and fixed it. You can now download the latest version from svn and it should work.

      Best regards,


  2. Joao Lourenco says:

    Dear Roman,

    Now it is installing with no problems. Thank you very much for preparing the Orpheus components for CPP Buider XE5 users.

    Best regards,



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