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During the last weeks some guys contacted me and asked about C++Builder and Turbo Power components. I told them that they can use the Turbo Power components in C++Builder in the same way as in Delphi.

Nevertheless I would recommend to join the next CodeRage session. It starts on February 25th and end the next day. You can register here: CodeRage.

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10 Responses to CodeRage C++

  1. Joao Lourenco says:

    Dear Roman,

    In fact, it would be very useful if you provide a step-by-step explanation on how to put Orpheus to work in C++ Builder XE5. Until now, I have failed to do it !…

    Thank you,


  2. Tom says:

    Hi Roman,


    I just installed XE5 C++Builder  and now I want install Orpheus. I saw in one of you blogs you

    mentioned “SVN repo in the subfolder CB XE5”.  What is the link to this?


    Thanks for doing this.



  3. Tom says:


    Thanks for replying. I think something is broken in the link as it

    takes me to a (unix?) directory of files with no zip files or a way to download any of them. Am I missing


    I did see the CB XE5 directory but how do I download it? From one of your recent posts I understand

    that you just made a change to CB XE5 directory in order to install Orpheus in XE5, is that change

    included in CB XE5 now.

    Please forgive me for my apparent confusion.



  4. Tom says:

    Thanks Roman,

    I downloaded the zip file and went to install it under CB XE5 directory but there are no .bpk files


    (.bpk,  source file for a C++Builder package; produces a .bpl file when compiled and linked)

    Am I correct in this? There are .cbproj but not any .bpk files




  5. Tom says:


    Thanks for the help, I’ve loaded Orpheus successfully. You might want to consider updating the installation instruction about opening the project file rather than the .dpk or .bpk files in step 4 of the instructions.  Thanks again so much for doing this. Is there some way I can reward your efforts?



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