RAD Studio XE5 and Orpheus

As I mentioned in my last post about the VirtualTree I will today show how to move the Orpheus component suite to RAD Studio XE5.

But before I have to mention that I got a special permission from Embarcadero to show my experiences with the RAD Studio XE5 product.

RAD Studio XE5 is the brand new product from Embarcadero that allows native development for the the Win32, Win64, OS X, iOS and Android platform.
Jim McKeeth and Marco Cantu have written some nice examples about how to share the code between iOS and Android.
You can get more information about Android and RAD Studio at Embarcadero.
I’m using a pre-release version of RAD Studio XE5.

Okay, let’s come back to Orpheus. Orpheus has originally been written by the great TurboPower company that closed on January 7, 2003. Today, 10 years later a lot of applications still use their code.

Orpheus is now released under the Mozilla 1.1 license and it is hosted at SourceForge.

I’ve chosen Orpheus for my test with RAD Studio XE5 because it is originally written for Delphi 1. This means that I would like to prove that RAD Studio XE5 is compatible to old Delphi versions.

Like moving the VirtualTree to RAD Studio XE5 I checked out the latest version, copied the “Delphi XE4” folder and renamed it. After that I opened the “Orpheus Delphi XE4.groupproj” and also renamed it. Then again I changed the suffix from 18 to 19 and clicked on compile. And everything compiled without a single change of code!

Again, RAD Studio XE5 is compatible to very old code, I guess that it will be easy to recompile all my Delphi projects.

In the next session I will migrate another TurboPower library to RAD Studio XE5, the compressing library Abbrevia. So stay tuned!

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8 Responses to RAD Studio XE5 and Orpheus

  1. Matt McKenzie says:


    Just tried to do the same with Orpheus 408 and got:


    ovcRTF_Paint.pas(114): E2010 Incompatible types: ‘NativeUInt’ and ‘Integer’

    • roman says:

      Which Delphi version do you use?

      • Matt McKenzie says:

        Now trying to compile with XE6. I get the same result as above as in ovcRTF_Paint we have

        function EditStreamInCallback(dwCookie: Longint; pbBuff: PByte; cb: Longint; var pcb: Longint): Longint; stdcall;

        and in

        WinAPI.RichEdit we have:


        function EditStreamInCallback(dwCookie: DWORD_PTR; pbBuff: PByte; cb: Longint; var pcb: Longint): Longint; stdcall;

  2. MikeInABQ says:

    Most of my work is in XE but I’ve just installed XE6 and have been able to update almost all of the 3rd-party components.

    I will make an attempt at using your info about XE5 to make an XE6 version, but it would be really sweet if you were able to write about doing an XE6 version of Orpheus and also Abbrevia because I rely on that lib too and I’d hate to have to change to something else.

    Your thoughts?

  3. radomir says:

    Hi, please where is last version for bc++ xe5 ORPHEUS

    thank you very much

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